My new tattoo

I’m deathly afraid of needles.  To the extent that I will prefer quarantine verses getting a shot if I get ill.  Nope.  And I won’t donate blood…so unless you’re family and literally dying, I won’t give you a pint!

However, I’ll get a tattoo.  “But that’s with a needle”, you say.  Yes, but have you seen the difference between one of those blood-sucking, life-draining needles and a tattoo needle??  There’s a difference   And if there isn’t, I still think there is so don’t argue.

So I’ve had an idea in my head for quite a long time…years in fact.  It’s a quote from Mary Baker Eddy.  I grew up in Christian Science and this particular quote made an extreme impact on my life and how I want to live.  The quote is ‘and Love is reflected in love.’, with the capitalized Love representing God (although I prefer a higher understanding).  And I’ve decided that I want this way-of-life quote on my body forever.  And ever.  Sorry mom.

My cousin, Anna and I went to Empire Tattoo today.  She wanted a tattoo that represented her heritage (she’s Mexican-American) and I wanted mine (I’m American-American).  I wouldn’t get my tattoo by myselfI’m a wuss.  She got five veggies on her arm (yes, I know a tomato is a fruit), that make up her delicious Mexican salsa: tomato, onion, jalepeno, bell pepper, and cilantro yuck.  I like 4/5 of her tattoo :)  And she went first, so I had all the opportunity to see her pain level and decide if mine was worth it.  Turns out it was.  Still hurt, though.  And I still hate needles.


Anna, braving face. I didn’t look that good when he got that close to my armpit!

photo 3 copy


photo 1

My turn.


and Love is reflected in love.

Whew! Done and done!

It’s true: tattoos are addicting.  I’m going back for more :) Again, sorry mom.


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