DIY Nifty Gifties for Mom

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!  I hope the weather is warmer for you than it is here in Asheville.  45 and raining is not how I planned celebrating.  I did, however, go shopping and make myself a Bloody Mary.  It was delicious and I’m poor again.  However, I decided whilst shopping that instead of buying a pre-made Mother’s Day gift, which I’ve always fallen back on, I’d make it.

I saw this idea to make coasters on Pinterest and decided to try it out (with slight variations).  Not only can you make them extremely personal, but they are cute and inexpensive.  And what a great way to show off your loved ones than to set drinks on them! :)

Here is what you will need:
4 4×4 tiles (I prefer 4 because 6 seemed a bit heavy)
Mod Podge–gloss
Sponge applicators
Glue stick

I printed the photos out on my printer.  My Mac allowed me to custom size the photos–I think most computers allow this, but if not, you can hand cut them to 4″x4″.  After cutting them out of the paper, I used the glue stick to glue them to the tiles.

photo 3

If you’re extremely talented and can get the picture to stay in place, you can skip that step.  Make sure you press the picture firmly to the tile so that any air bubbles are pressed out.  Place your tiles on a scrap piece of paper just in case it gets messy.  Then, take your sponge applicator and apply the Mod Podge over the entire surface of the tile.  I made sure to apply it in one direction–it looks neater.  That’s it!  It dries pretty quickly, but I’ll give them a good day or so before I stack and wrap them.  Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day), done.  Okay…I’ll throw in some wine too… :)

photo 4

photo 5

Not too shabby?? They also make awesome little birthday or wedding gifts…or simply, just because.  Might make some for myself…


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