My Office

I have recently been getting inundated with requests for photos of our new house.  There are two primary reasons I have yet to take any pictures.  One, I do not feel my house is clean enough for pictures to the mass public. Seriously, how can it be dirty all the time when I clean it all the time?  But to me it is.

Two, the paltry amount of furniture we own doesn’t quite fill the space.  Our guest room, for instance, is a beautiful room.  Right now the only piece of furniture in it is a bed, complete with ripped box spring fabric that Crookshanks has so artfully done for us.  The room would probably look better without the bed in it.

However, we are slowly acquiring more stuff.  At some point, we hope to replace our apartment loveseat that sits one person and a cat comfortably, with a larger couch.  And there’s also the complete lack of decoration.  The walls are screaming for pictures.  But I’m on it.  Pinterest and IKEA–together we will create a masterpiece!

But, as I sit in my office after my last visit to IKEA, I realized it’s not too bad.  I cropped out the pile of stuff or crap on the right (that we have no idea what to do with).  Again, work in progress, so don’t judge.



DESK and CHAIR: World Market

RUG: IKEA (although I couldn’t find the exact one…sorry!)


FLOOR LAMP: IKEA (also couldn’t find exact one)

FELIX: Mine.  Hands off.  :)


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