So you’ve probably seen in my last few posts that spring has come to Asheville.  Well, it has also come to the Baldwin residence, and not just in plant form.  We are beginning to see beautiful butterflies, much to Crookshanks’ glee, as well as little frogs by our creek.

We also have a little someone making a home in our mailbox, much to my dismay.  And he has eight furry legs, big eyes, and green fangs.  Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhh.

photo 1


I haven’t named him because I don’t want to get too personal before I burn my mailbox to the ground.

On a lighter note, we have a few residents taking shelter in our garage and, more specifically, in Handsome Taylor’s backpack hanging in the garage.  And I’m quite fond of them.  So I’m thinking their names will be Fred, George, Ronald, and Ginny.

photo 2


Mum couldn’t be accounted for, but I’m sure she was ruffling her feathers at the sight of me intruding on her space.  Maybe they like spiders for breakfast…????



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