My animals are killers


sneaky crookshanks

Today I came home to a dead butterfly most artfully spread at my feet by the proud and gloating Crookshanks.  Uuugghh.  I hastily grabbed my broom and started to sweep up the carnage.  While I went to fetch the dustpan, Felix in stealth mode, came up to my pile, rubbed herself in it and then proceeded to eat the dead butterfly…wings and all.

Can I just say WTH??!!  I realize they might look delicious, being all colorful and such, but you would think that after taking a preliminary munch, she would release.  No.  As I tried to pry the gooey insect mess out of her mouth, she pulled just out of my reach and devoured it.  In spite.

Fine.  But I was still mortified that my little cute bundle of fur and kisses would eat such a thing.  So, after finishing sweeping up the dirt pile and extra butterfly parts, I turn around to Crookshanks, who, somehow, has cas another butterlfy.  And it’s alive.  Poor thing is just trying survive and pollinate my poor excuse for a garden of flowers and sneaky Crooks snatches it and brings it in for approval.

So I do what most appauled cat owners would probably do…grab Crooks and attempt to pry the butterfly from her jaw deathgrip.  She eventually releases and the butterfly flies away.  UNTIL FELIX, FROM OUT OF NOWHERE, JUMPS AND IN MID-AIR, CATCHES AND EATS THE LIVE BUTTERFLY.  Again, looking at me with spite while chomping and eating.

I have weird killer animals.

Also, I think Crookshanks discovered a new level of respect for Felix and gave her a wide birth for a while.


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