June: Memoir Review

Dear Reader,

I just finished reading Z, a Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.  Well, I didn’t just finish it.  I finished it quite some time ago…and it was FABULOUS!  I really didn’t want something too heavy or serious…or too light either.  was a perfect medium and was just after I watched The Great Gatsby (also fabulous).

I had in my head some ideas on how I envisioned Zelda was in her life, mostly based off of what I’ve read and heard about F. Scott.  In all honesty, my perception of her was not that great; I thought she was an extreme party girl (who of course drinks a lot), wanting riches and fame and who could only bring F. Scott down.  Wow was I wrong!  I know this book is really considered more or less historical fiction, but looking at their lives from her point of view was an eye-opener.

I first met Zelda as a young and beautiful teenager growing up in her wealthy, but conservative and proper home in Alabama.  As the youngest, she probably was able to get by with more than her older siblings…as well as get more.  She was headstrong and when she met F. Scott, he was immediately taken.  Of course, coming from her affluent style of life, she probably expected more than he could give at the time…until he published his first novel.

I had hesitations about her, thinking she was selfishly wanting the money before she fell in love, but who am I kidding?  She could’ve easily married some rich Alabama guy who would’ve given her whatever she wanted.  I do think that she loved him and continued to try to love him, even after all of the “affairs” or whatever he was having with other women as a result of being “an artist” and famous.

I was amazed at their lifestyle, the constant moving, partying, drinking, etc.  How she could go on with her life barely seeing her family at all and continuing to support her husband, who really, let’s face it, was not that great of a guy.  He was not very supportive of her.  He was not supportive of her, her dreams, future, desire to be loved and appreciated.  He was constantly out with friends and lovers, drinking and drinking.  In the end, as you probably already know, she was checking herself into mental hospitals to get therapy while F. Scott was out in Hollywood.

Now, I’m not saying he was the worst husband, or she the best wife, but I do give her a little more credit for being a strong woman after reading the book.  Again, highly recommend–wonderful and interesting read!


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