Arrested Development

arrested development

If you haven’t seen Arrested Development, you need to watch it.  I love it.  The characters are funny, witty, and relatable.  It’s the new “Office” for me–yes, The Office had my heart until Season 7 ended and Michael Scott left…although I have heard that some of the shows weren’t too bad and the finale is worth watching.

However, if your TV watching life is missing something sarcastic, awkward yet comedic, and slightly thought provoking, Arrested Development is for you.  The show only lasted three seasons due to poor ratings, which strangely went sky-high the moment it was kicked off cable…but they just released the fourth season online!!  I have so far spent the last week catching up on all three seasons and will spend the next watching the new episodes!

Get it.  Watch it.  Enjoy.  :)


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