This is why I can’t have nice things…

Or things in general.  You see, I have saved a few items from when I was young.  Items that meant a lot to me.  They range anywhere from notes to my mom (I think she saved those), to my actual stuffed animal bunny that I carefully protect from unfriendly man or beast.  It’s funny, I think my previous dogs have realized how special my stuffed animal bunny is to me and have deliberately given it a wide birth.

Felix hasn’t learned this unspoken rule.  No, she didn’t get to bunny, but she did get to “paper bunny”, a replica of stuffed animal bunny, which I had made oh-so-carefully when I was SIX year old.  Let me repeat that.  I was SIX and have oh-so-carefully KEPT my precious paper bunny in outstanding condition for TWENTY years.

I trusted too much.  In my naivety, I left paper bunny on a side table with some other old pictures.  She sniffed it out.  The love, the effort, the concentration, the art…in seconds paper bunny was made into shredded scrap and possibly dietary fiber.  TWENTY YEARS!  This is why I can’t have nice things…or just things in


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