DIY Camp Mug Candle

Dear Reader,

I write a DIY column for my newsletter at work and I found this project online and decided to try it out–well, I’m so excited to share it with you because it worked amazingly!

With the holiday season just around the corner (yikes!), this Camp Mug Candle is the perfect little gift for that special coworker, loved one, and yourself of course!  And for all of my readers thinking this is just a ladies gift, think again!  This handsome Camp Mug Candle just oozes ruggedness. And the best part is, besides being fabulous, it’s ridiculously easy and cheap to make.


Here is what you will need:

  • Camp mug (Outdoor store/thrift store)
  • Soy candle wax (Michaels)
  • Wick (Michaels)
  • Fragrance oil of your choice (I got Balsam Fir from Bath and Body Works—they have a great selection, but any scent will do)

First things first, I wrapped my wick around a pencil or pen till the bottom piece touched the bottom of the mug.  Make sure the wick is centered and straight.

Next, find an old cup you will never drink out of again.  I used an old plastic microwave-safe cup to heat my wax in.  There are directions on the wax container for heating both on the stove and microwave, but the latter is much easier and quicker.  After a thorough heating (the wax should be completely transparent with no lumps) I added the fragrance oil to my satisfaction, stirred, and heated it up again for a teensy bit longer.

I then poured the wax into my mug being careful not to nudge my wick over.  Let sit for a few hours and then cut your wick about 3/4-1” in length.  That’s it!  I would let the candle sit overnight before burning it, but prepare for relaxation bliss as you mellow out by your fabulous, but rugged Camp Mug Candle!

photo copy

All thanks to Poppytalk!!!


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