Day One: Oil pulling

Today, November 11th 2013 marks the first day of testing the method of oil pulling.  Let me just put this out there that I should’ve made sure that I had an oil that I liked the flavor of to start with.  But I didn’t.  All I had in my cabinet was sesame seed oil which I only use sparingly on occasion to make stir fry or curry.  Having a mouthful of sesame seed oil was definitely not the first thing I wanted to taste as I woke up.  Uggg.  I will most certainly be purchasing coconut oil for the next 29 days.

photo 1

I decided to take a shower to make the 20 minutes go by faster.  Well, like anything, I also should’ve built up to that 20 minutes…you know, 5 minutes today, 10 tomorrow, and maybe 15 on Wednesday.  But no.  About 15 minutes in (a painful, drawn out, disgusting mouthful of sesame seed oil 15 minutes), I had to cough.  I tried clearing my throat and felt the tiniest little dribble of oil slide down…and then I gagged and before I could vomit all over the shower, I spit the oil out.

**Let me just say that you should not spit the oil out into your drain because it could clog it.  But I had no choice.**


  • Breath slightly fresher (although that may be the intense satisfaction that came after I brushed my teeth)
  • Slight discoloration in oil after projectile spitting (i.e. toxins?)


PS I just bought NEW coconut oil today.  And yes, I will be using it tomorrow instead of that horrid sesame seed oil.  And also yes, that is me smiling above my purchase :)

photo 2


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