We made a garden

I decided that I wanted a raised garden on our porch.  I went around to some local garden stores and did some online shopping and found that even a small raised garden was priced around $200+!  No way.  Handsome T could build one much larger for much cheaper.  And so he did, in a beautiful L-shape.  It’s the best and I can’t wait to start planting!

First off, we had to buy cedar wood.  It’s resistant to mold and rot (not to mention that it looks beautiful).  We bought several 2x4s for the legs, support, and the trellis and around 6 10′ 1x4s for the actual box.  And being the awesome guy he is, he even routed out the wood to give it a custom-made (which it totally is), expensive look.garden6After the main frame was built, he put in a little ledge for the cedar supports to sit on.  We had three 2x4s spaced out and the rest was filled in by 1x4s.  We made sure to leave about 1/4″ space in between each support to allow for water drainage.



After all the supports were in place and nailed down, we lined the bottom with garden fabric.  Garden fabric is wonderful.  Not only will it keep the soil in place, but it’s porous and will allow water to pass through, unlike plastic which will hold the water and likely drown the plants.  And of course, we put on the garden trellis in the back to hold our vine-y plants.

garden3I went to our local garden shop, BB Barns, which is absolutely the best when it comes to gardening in Asheville, and got some soil and fertilizer as well as a couple of starts (a mixed lettuce and a dwarf kale) to plant now.  As you can see, Felix is checking the soil to make sure it’s okay to go in.  As the weather gets warmer, I plan to plant some cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, lavender and maybe a couple of other things…I haven’t quite decided yet.


TA-DA!!garden5Felix gives her bark of approval as long as we plant something yummy for her.


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