A trip to Sunset Beach and Beaufort, NC

Dear reader,

Handsome Taylor just got back from Basic Training in the National Guard.  Of course, it was a long, lonely 10 weeks for me, Felix, and Crookshanks (and I’m sure as much and more so for him!).  When he got back, we decided that we wanted to take a trip to the beach for a week to relax before school starts.  It was a great trip!  But I have to say that as much as I love the beach, I missed the mountains and was so happy to get back home!

We went to Sunset Beach, NC for the first few days, staying with some of his family that was there.  We completely relaxed in the waves and sand and ate crab legs to our hearts content!  We then went to Beaufort, NC and stayed at a wonderful B&B, the Langdon House.  While we were in Beaufort, we went to see one of the outer bank islands across the way to see the wild horses.  I would highly recommend this trip to anyone as the ferry for both of us cost less than $30 and we pretty much had the whole beach (complete with horses) to ourselves!  And we couldn’t leave the outer banks without seeing a lighthouse.  So we did just that.  Cape Lookout was just a quick drive and ferry away and I would also recommend this trip as you can hang out on the beach all day while having a beautiful lighthouse as your backdrop.

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