Skydiving for our One Year

Dear reader,

October 19th marked our first year anniversary…and I can’t believe it’s already been a year!  Normally, people would celebrate with paper of some sort.  Or, that’s how tradition goes at least!  We celebrated in the air.  Falling.  Plummeting 10,000 feet down to Earth.  But it was AMAZING!  Handsome Taylor surprised me with tickets and took me down to Jonesville, NC to Carolina Skydiving.

Besides being a wee bit windy, it was the most beautiful day.  Just wisps of clouds and bright, warm sunshine.  We had to wait a few extra hours for the wind to die down to an appropriate level…although I didn’t mind waiting to fall at all!  We strolled through cute antique shops and eateries in the town nearby to pass the time until we were called back.  And because of the delay, we were the only ones jumping!

I had an adrenaline rush like nobody’s business up until the moment that I boarded the plane (which honestly looked like it could not possibly bring actual people up in the air).  Once on board and seated uncomfertably close between the legs of my tandem dive instructor, I “zoned out”.  I looked out of the plane window every now and then and contemplated life and what the afterlife might be like…and then all of a sudden it was our turn to jump out.  I watched as Taylor and his instructor disappeared from sight out of the tiny door opening and we maneuvered our way to it.

And then the look down.  And the wind.  And the cold.  It was so cold.  But you couldn’t even think as your instructor counted to two (who counts to two!?) and fell out of the plane.  And we were upside down…I remember seeing the sky and thinking “that isn’t right”.  But we righted ourselves pretty quickly and it was THE COOLEST THING EVER.  It’s absolutely nothing like riding a roller coaster when your stomach goes through your esophagus into your face.  It was like the most freeing sensation I’ve ever had.  Freeing and cold.  My face and fingers were frozen, but it was so worth it.  I am definitely going to do it again!  Wooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Skydiving Video


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