Italy and France


It’s been almost 2 years since our wedding, and we finally booked our honeymoon over the summer break to Italy and France.  It was the most amazing experience, and I’m already saving up to go back!  Our little B&B’s were wonderful, and I highly recommend staying in one versus a large-chain hotel.  We used Rick Steves‘ Italy and France books to help us around…and they were a HUGE help.  From restaurants, to places to stay, to what to do, he had everything.  Of course, we went off the beaten path quite a bit.  We travelled between cities using Eurail, which is great.  And now that I’ve used it once, I’m much more comfortable if I needed to use it again.  But there are so many friendly people to help!  See below for a list of our hotels.  Enjoy!

Our first stop, Rome, Italy.  It was about 5000 degrees outside, but swelteringly beautiful and ancient.  Spanish Steps.  Check.  Trevi Fountain.  Check.  Super tiny elevator.  Double and triple check.

When in Rome, buy wine.  Not beer.  Beer set us back about 11 euro apiece!  Also, walking around in a boot on rough, 1000 year-old cobblestone is no fun.

And of course, stop by the Vatican.  And bring a fan if you’re there in July and waiting in a 2 hour line to get in.

I don’t think I was supposed to take any photos of the Sistine Chapel…but I snuck a couple in!  When in Rome!!

Our next stop was Florence, Italy.  Out of all the cities we visited in Italy, this was our favorite.  We LOVED walking around the cobblestone streets in the evening, pigging out on the most delicious spaghetti and pizza in the world, and attempting to read in Italian.

I couldn’t resist not stopping by the Galileo Museum!  So awesome!

Our last stop in Italy was Venice.  I am so glad we got to come here, as the water levels have been rising and it is a place that will not be around much longer!  Our favorite thing to do was purchase sliced meat, fresh mozzarella, and several bottles of wine to enjoy by the water.  No gondola ride, as they were stupid expensive, but we did take a water taxi…sort of the same thing.

On to Lyon and Paris!  I came down with strep in Lyon, and so spent the entire time there either in our hotel room or at the doctors.  Luckily, the view was to die for and I had a pretty good husband to take care of me.  Paris is now my favorite city I’ve ever been in.  French macaroons EVERYWHERE!!!

The public markets were amazing to walk through.  And I think the French loved the Kennedy’s as their posters were all over the city.  We loved sitting at little bistros on the street, drinking strong coffee, and people watching.  And I got to visit Shakespeare and Company in Paris!  Yes, I purchased several books.  Authentic.

And we most certainly visited the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame!  I got to light the candle for Joan de Arc inside Notre Dame!  It was breathtaking.  When in Paris, rent bikes here.  They are all over the city.  And you can ride them anywhere in nice, wide bike lanes.  Why take a bus or taxi when you can ride??

Cannot say enough good things about Paris, and our trip in general.  I would move for the food alone.  Happy Honeymoon :)

Hotels and B&B’s

RomeHilton Garden Inn

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.15.29 PM

FlorenceDei Mori Bed and Breakfast (***highly recommend)

VeniceCasa di Sara (***highly recommend)

LyonElysee Hotel

ParisHotel Jeanne d’ Arc (***highly recommend)


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