Week 13


Weeks: 13

Baby size:  A delicious, LARGE Ladurée macaron

Aversions: Still, meat and fish, and pickles.  I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever like those foods again.  I’ve tried eating more nuts to get some protein.  Yuck.

Cravings: Well, I just ordered a FIVE POUND BAG of cotton candy salt water taffy.  So, still sweets are part of my cravings now.  I also really want fresh fruit and crunchy veggies.  Weirdly, I find I’m always in the mood for freshly sliced cucumber with salt.  But no pickles??  Doesn’t make sense to me either.

Symptoms: Morning all-day sickness, vivid dreams, heartburn, fatigue (like I’ve run a marathon and crash at 6 pm, and still, a little emotional

Weight gain: 0.5 pounds from last week

Maternity clothes: Purchased my first pair of maternity jeans.  The kind with the high elastic waist.  It looks ridiculous right now since I’m mainly just pudgy, but I don’t have to deal with buttons.  Also, totally rocking the loose shirts and continuing to not button my pants.  As soon as I get home, pants off.  They’re overrated anyway.

Looking forward to: Eating.  Eating.  Eating.  And NO morning sickness!!  Also, school ends in mid-June…so YAY!!!


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