Week 14


Weeks: 14

Baby size:  A beet.  Blah.  But in French culinary cuisine, a mille-feuille, aka a Napoleon.

Aversions: Fish.  Fish.  Fish.  And most meat.

Cravings: I can’t say I’ve been craving pickles, but they no longer are an aversion!  Also, anything in potato form.  I could eat potatoes all day.  And biscuits.  Okay.  Carbs.

Symptoms: Morning *some all-day sickness, vivid dreams, heartburn, fatigue, and most unfortunately, acne.  Like I’m 15 again.  I should be past that stage.

Weight gain: 1.1 pounds from last week.  It’s the biscuits.

Maternity clothes: No new purchases yet.  BUT I did wear a maternity dress from ASOS out because I look like I ate too many biscuits (which isn’t far from the truth).  It is a fabulously cute dress.  See pic below :)

Looking forward to: School ending and summer!!  And crazy enough, I’m looking forward to working out again.  I did my first workout on Tuesday, May 24 and was SO proud of myself.  Yes, I was slow and pudgy, but it was great!  Don’t worry, staying hydrated!



2 thoughts on “Week 14

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you! Most people can’t tell it’s a baby…just biscuits and potatoes at this point :)


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