Week 15


Weeks: 15

Baby size:  An éclair.  Fresh, not frozen.

Aversions: Sigh, fish.  All of the fresh salmon I purchased Week 6 and then had to immediately freeze will still have to wait.  Why can’t I not like biscuits or something unhealthy?  Also, showering.  That is SO exhausting.

Cravings: Diving well into my 5 pound bag of cotton candy salt water taffy like there’s no tomorrow.  Thank you Amazon!  Going back to drinking a little coffee in the mornings…yay!  Still no strong cravings though.  Is that normal??

Symptoms: Morning all-day sickness easing up a bit.  I went TWO days this week without having to take my anti-nausea medication!!  Woop!!

Weight gain: 1.0 pounds from last week. 

Maternity clothes: Well, I went to work out last week…and had the same clothes in my workout bag from the last time I went…which was 8 weeks ago.  Let’s just say that I really need to invest in some larger workout clothes.  Something uber stretchy.  I think people had the impression that I just went on a biscuit-eating binge for 8 weeks.  It’s really hard to tell I’m pregnant right now and not just pudgy.  Well, I’m that too.

Looking forward to: Feeling the baby move.  I SWEAR I felt a flutter.  I pressed my hand on my abdomen and what I felt was definitely NOT gas.  In my head, I picture the baby saying “hell, woman, stop smooshing me!” and giving me a little baby flutter kick.  Good times.  AND my inny belly button has started to pop out a bit!! For the first time in my life I can see the mysterious innards of my belly button. 


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