Week 16

FullSizeRender 2
Weeks: 16…4 MONTHS!!!

Baby size: a poire belle Hélène…basically a sugary, poached pear drizzled with chocolate sauce.  Doesn’t that sound DELICIOUS?!

Aversions: Fish for.ev.er.

Cravings: Finally pickles.  Sweet, sweet pickles.  But not sweet.  Yuck.  Only kosher dill.  And still munching on my 5-pound bag of cotton candy salt water taffy.  Aaannnnddd ice cream.  And anything in potato form.  Dear lord I love potatoes.

Symptoms: Morning all-day sickness STILL a symptom…but only occasionally.  This crud needs to end.  Boobs=huge.  Hips=huge.  Acne=still there.  And now headaches!!  Aaaarrrggghhhhhhhhh.  But the good news is that they seem to come very sporadically.  And week 16 has also brought along a nice sinus infection.

Weight gain: 0.2 pounds from last week.

Maternity clothes: Starting to look preggo.  Belly band is being used in full force.  My students have made fun of me for not being able to button up my pants.  But hey, it’s almost summer and soon there will be no need for pants…just bathing suits and sundresses.

Looking forward to: In exactly 3 WEEKS I will find out the gender of the baby!!!  Excited does not cut it.  Freaking ecstatic is closer.  Can’t decide if we want to have a gender reveal party or not.  My mom would really like one…but I’m on the fence.  Sounds like a lot of work.  But maybe it will just be a great excuse to eat a good cake.  Also, normal poops.


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