Week 17

FullSizeRender 3

Weeks: 17

Baby size: my favorite dessert…a crème brulée

Aversions: No surprises…still fish (but a tuna-fish sandwich doesn’t count…go figure)

Cravings: Today I had to have a tuna pita sandwich from Zoe’s Kitchen, with a side of potato salad.  Sooooo good.

Symptoms: A little morning sickness sticking around.  It’s week 17.  Shit should be done by now.  Slowly getting over my sinus infection too.  I cannot believe the sheer amount of mucous that has left my face in the past 9 days.  Belly is starting to itch a little, but I purchased a lovely beeswax lotion bar (vanilla scented), which I LOVE.  I’ve tried the lotion made by Palmer’s especially for stretch marks (none yet, phew), but I think it stinks.

Weight gain: 0.0 pounds from last week…but I fluctuated up and down a little

Maternity clothes: When I eat, I really look preggo.  There is just no room in my short torso for baby + food.  Thank goodness this baby is coming before Thanksgiving.  Cannot WAIT to not have to wear work clothes over the summer.  Seriously, I’m going to live in a bathing suit and tunics.

Looking forward to: TWO WEEKS!!!  Baby Baldwin’s gender will be revealed!!  I think, for my mom’s sake, I’m going to have a little mini-reveal party for our parents and grandparents :)


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