Week 18


Weeks: 18

Baby size: A buttery, flaky croissant

Aversions: Stilllllll fish.

Cravings: Maybe I’m just weird, but I really haven’t been having any serious cravings.  My mind always goes to Disney’s Lady and the Tramp when the woman is pregnant and her husband goes out for watermelon and chop suey.  Not me.  I’m guessing my constant nausea has something to do with it…

Symptoms: Well I thought I was getting over morning sickness…until I had nausea followed by projectile vomiting for 5 minutes on Wednesday and Thursday. I had just eaten some cherries, one of my favorite summer fruits, but had been feeling nauseous for days.  Well, I stood up and told Taylor I was going to throw up.  Like now.  He was yelling at me to run to the bathroom, but I COULDN’T.  It was like I was glued to the ground.  Big vomit splatter by the couch.  Then I ran to the bathroom where vomit just spewed (sorry for the graphic detail), all over…I would say about 1/2 made it into the toilet.  It looked like the exorcism happened in our bathroom.  Afterwards I just sat down by my mess and sort of chuckled–felt better though.  So cherry vomit has stained our walls and now they need to be repainted because bleach wouldn’t take that out.  So, yeah.  Morning sickness still.  And vomiting apparently.

Weight gain: 0.0 pounds from last week. I blame the vomit

Maternity clothes: None still, but wearing a lot of loose clothing because a girl needs some ventilation!  Trying to work out in current clothes is becoming more difficult.

Looking forward to: ONE WEEK PEOPLE!!!  Baby Baldwin will be identified and picture will be posted!  Also, school ends on the 21st…so I’m pretty stoked.  Next week will be awesome.


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