Week 19


Weeks: 19

Baby size: a crépe Suzette. Like the flaky pastry you pour liquor over and light on fire. Mmmm, liquor. 

Aversions: I think I may be getting over my fish aversions…going to try to eat some light fish soon!  Other than that, I’m pretty much a human garbage pail.  I’ll eat anything.

Cravings: Sandwiches.  In particular salami and muenster cheese and mayo sandwiches.  Now I realize I’m technically not supposed to have deli meat but it’s Boars Head.  From Publix.  And it’s only a couple times a week.  And I down some pickles after so my super acidic stomach acid + pickle vinegar might kill any bacteria.

Symptoms: Morning sickness and vomiting.  Recently had a vomit behind a restaurant in some mulch (couldn’t make the bathroom).  That was a first.  But I was grateful that it happened prior to the meal so I could eat my sandwich in peace after.

Weight gain: A whopping 2.4 pounds from last week.

Maternity clothes: Currently shopping for new bathing suit tops.

Looking forward to: Seeing an appendage move around in there.  She’s been kicking a whole lot but is still too small to visibly see.  My little parasite :)


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