Week 20

Well, baby Baldwin has been moving around quite a bit which is unbelievably amazing!  I absolutely love feeling the little kicks she gives…even if it is the weirdest thing.  Still trying to work out, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult as I become more and more tired far quicker than I used to.  I’ve also purchased a couple of blueberry bushes to plant near the house, which I’m really excited about!  I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and eat some freshly picked blueberries!

Weeks: 20

Baby size: A palmier cookie, a medium-sized puff pastry dusted with sugar :)

Aversions: Maybe fish?  Haven’t tried any, but I’m not sure if I still have the intense repulsion to it.  In time I might get around to trying some.

Cravings: I’m just hungry ALL THE TIME.  I seriously could keep eating all day.  It’s unreal.  Also had an intense craving the other night for steak tartare (which is pretty much seasoned raw steak).  I haven’t eaten a lot of meat since I’ve been pregnant, and really haven’t wanted any.  But I could’ve done some damage to some steak tartare.

Symptoms: A little morning sickness, but I’m taking my medication pretty regularly so I think that’s helping a bit.

Weight gain: ~1.25 pounds

Maternity clothes:  Just purchased a few bathing suit tops from Old Navy and absolutely love them!  I feel SO much more comfortable!  On the hunt for some shorts right now, which is really difficult as I usually wear a petite size and cannot currently find anything that fits.  So, bummer.

Looking forward to: Not being sick??  Although I’m pretty sure I’m past the point in which that stops.  So…not vomiting.  And of course, seeing baby Baldwin moving around in there.


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