Week 21


FullSizeRender 4Baby Baldwin is moving around quite a bit!  I played some classical music and Harry Potter by my belly and she was kicking like crazy!  It’s my favorite thing right now to feel my belly move.  Other things I love…sleeping in…naps…eating…catching up on reading…sleeping…

Weeks: 21

Baby size: A large brioche à tête

Aversions: I’m going to narrow down my fish dislike to salmon.

Cravings: Still hungry all the time.  Trying to cut down on my caffeine intake if I can.

Symptoms: A little morning sickness.

Weight gain: ~ 1 pound and it’s going straight to my butt and hips

Maternity clothes:  I have a note to the people who make pregnancy clothes: you suck.  I’ve always been a petite person and can usually shop in the juniors section or in the petite section online through GAP or H&M or something.  My hips and butt have ballooned up enough now to strongly warrant some maternity pants and shorts…but I cannot for the life of me find any.  Why, you ask?  For some odd reason, the clothing stores do not start maternity sizing at their smallest size.   They start around the next two sizes up.  It almost brought me to tears today looking for a stinking pair of shorts.  Geez.  My fat tush is very unhappy right now.

Looking forward to: My upcoming ultrasound on the 22nd of July–the doctors didn’t get a good view of her head since she was so low by my pelvic bone, so they wanted to get another ultrasound done to get the images.  I’m hoping I’ll get to see a much better profile view! :)


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