Week 23


Friday’s ultrasound was amazing (but short).  She was moving around, but the technician was able to get a good view of her head which, at the last ultrasound, was too low in my pelvic region to look at.  She’s perfect.

2016-07-22 09.40.37-2

Weeks: 23

Baby size: A flaugnarde, which is a really funny word for a simple fruit filled dessert made in a pan

Aversions: Salmon

Cravings: Still hungry.  Will ingest most foods.  Especially if they are laced with sugar.  My hips, butt, and thighs are pretty close to creating their own gravitational pull as I find myself bumping into things that I normally would miss.

Symptoms: No headaches this week.  But a little morning sickness.  Blah.

Weight gain: ~ 1.5 pounds and these hips don’t lie

Maternity clothes:  I have discovered BETABRAND.  They are a kickstarter and make dress pants…but they’re yoga pants.  Can I get an AMEN?!  I bought two pairs…a regular bootcut dress pant and a maternity pant.  And I can wear them both right now.  I could probably get away with wearing the dress pant in August…maybe some of September…and then switch to full on maternity for the fall.  Still no shorts, but I plan to wear dresses anyway for the rest of summer.  My thighs will thank me.

Looking forward to: This week we are finishing the baby closet that Handsome Tay is building from scratch…but all in thanks to my amazing planning (aka Pinterest) ;)  We are also spray-painting the crib a matte black color to match the matte black dresser.  The nursery will be Scandinavian-ly neutral.  My mom and I plan to make a pilgrimage to Charlotte to IKEA for some nursery purchases…wingback chair and ottoman, baskets, and anything else last minute I can think of.  We are also going to Nordstroms so I can purchase a much needed maternity bra because I can’t seem to find any decent ones around here that fit.  Apparently Nordstrom’s is maternity bra mecca and I figured since we are already in Charlotte, might as well!


3 thoughts on “Week 23

      1. Joyfull Mom

        You are so right! I had morning sickness until 36 weeks with my third baby. It was rough but worth it. I seem to have the all day morning sickness with all my kiddos! I was on the floor many days! Blessings.

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