Week 24


Taylor has been gone for most of this week.  He is becoming an officer in the National Guard and is currently battling the heat and fire ants somewhere in hell Alabama.  Miss that guy terribly.  And he’ll be gone for another couple of weeks, sans cell phone, or any communication for that matter.  My brother, Ryan, came up to visit for the weekend from Orlando.  It was awesome–went hiking (very slow pace…space for lungs has now been taken by the parasite).  But his trip was quick and he’s back in Orlando.  It’s been a lonely week so far.  Just me, the pups, and baby B, shoving her feet up into my lungs and stomach.  Although I have been getting quite a bit of reading done.  The Martian, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  Boom.



Baby size: A demi-baguette…mmm…baguette.  She should weigh about 1.5 pounds this week :)

Aversions: Salmon

Cravings: Alllll foooooodddddd.  Butt is massive.  Ugh.  On a side note, why doesn’t our TCBY have a drive-thru?  Probably why my rear end is the size of Jupiter’s moons.

Symptoms: Some light headaches, which I’m trying my best to drown out with water.  But I hate water when I’m not thirsty.  Which is like, all of the time.

Weight gain: Actually lost about 0.2 pounds overall since last week.  But don’t worry, I gained that back plus some within a day or two.

Maternity clothes:  Two maternity dresses…one from GAP Maternity and ASOS Maternity.  They are amazing.  Seriously, dresses are underrated.

Looking forward to: Taylor coming back home!  And my dad and his wife Sam are planning a weekend visit in a couple of weeks too!  Yay visitors!


2 thoughts on “Week 24

  1. Sarah R.

    I was a couple of weeks behind in your blog, but I’m all caught up now! I’m so glad that I get to hear how you are doing, especially since I don’t see you every day anymore. So happy to hear that things are going well (minus the dn maternity clothes).


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