Week 25


This baby is rollin.  I see her rollin’.  I cringin’.  Contortin’, cause she gonna make me hurl.  I tried to attach a video, but WordPress doesn’t like that unless I pay for it.  Either way, she loves to move early in the morning, and especially at night when I lie down to go to sleep.  Rotten thing is already keeping me awake.  :)

Weeks: 25

Baby size: A tarte tatin, an upside-down tart invented in the 1800’s by a baker who botched an apple pie and had to improvise.  I could destroy a tarte tatin right about now.

Aversions: Salmon and Mexican food now??  I think I ate too much Mexican food early on when I was getting sick.  Either way, the smell of it makes me want to hurl.  Hopefully that will go away.  Well, then again, maybe not.  I could probably stand to not gorge myself on chips and queso and Dos Equis.

Cravings: Sugar.  I forgot to mention last week, but I ate an entire can of sweetened condensed milk.  In one sitting.  And then this week, started eating Karo syrup straight up out of the jar.  Hi, my name is Randi Baldwin and I am a sugar-holic.

Symptoms: I haven’t been to the dentist…but I’m betting on some cavities right now.  No barfing for the past few weeks…annnndddd no medicine for the most part either!  I’m pushing my luck, but that medicine really drags me down, and I’m pretty sure gives me some major constipation.  Still tired.  But my daily afternoon naps are amazing.  I think the pups like them too :)

Weight gain: An abysmal 1.4 pounds this week.  UGH.

Maternity clothes: I officially cannot pull up my pre-preggo jeans.  They hit my hips and be like “nope”.  I did however purchase two nursing bras: Cake ‘Rock Candy’ and Bravado Maternity ‘Body Seamless’.  They are AMAZING.  None of that underwire shiznit.  Goodbye decency, sexiness, etc.  Hello full, motherhood bliss.

Looking forward to: In one week, I will 4.5 people in my home instead of 1.5.  Dad, his wife Sam, and Taylor will be here and I can’t wait for the company!  I’m getting a little tired of talking to Felix and Fang.  They don’t say much, but I’m pretty sure they think I’m crazy by now.


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