Week 26


She’s a little stinker.  I swear she will go absolutely crazy in her little uterine cave and the second someone else comes to feel, she knows.  And doesn’t move.  I must be crazy.

Weeks: 26

Baby size: A boule de pain, which is literally a ball of bread.  Pain sounds about right too.

Aversions: Same things.  Salmon and Mexican food.  Or maybe just the smell of them.  Who knows.  But I’m not willing to try them to find out!

Cravings: I’ve been wanting more “real” food recently.  Travelled down to SC with my dad and ate a full course of green beans, rice and gravy, and collard greens.  Followed by some cherry pie and sweet tea, of course.  Also, craving milk.  Milk in the morning, milk in the evening, milk at suppertime!  I LOVE mixing it with liquid chai latte mix.  Sooooo good.  It’s replaced coffee.

SymptomsCrazy preggo insomnia.  This will be the death of me, I’m sure.  I try not to drink a lot before bed, but my smooshed bladder can only take so much…and sure enough, around 1 or 2 in the morning, I wake up in a panic and sprint full speed to the bathroom.  Then I lie awake for hours and contemplate my life, how I can’t get comfortable, and glare at Taylor as he snores blissfully away.


4:30 this morning.  Surfing Pinterest and taking crappy pictures.

Weight gain:0.4 pounds

Maternity clothes: Went shopping again.  I’m painfully aware (and my wallet is too) of the fact that I am purchasing clothes for a very short period in my life.  I’m desperately waiting for fall to come around so I can wear the couple pairs of preggo pants I have purchased, along with some long sleeve shirts.  Still no shorts right now, so I’m really limited to yoga pants (which are becoming ever so tight around my ever-widening hips), and t-shirts.  Both of which I cannot wear to work.  PLEASE fall, come soon!!!

Looking forward to: The baby shower!  My amazing (super understatement) aunt, mother, and grandmother are hosting the baby showers–one for family in September (I have a huge family), and one for friends in October.  I am so excited.  And fall, of course!  I’m not big into pumpkin flavored anything, but I LOVE fall.  The flowers, the smells, the temperature.  And baby B is expected to make her arrival then too!!


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