Week 27


So I turned 29 yesterday.  And Tay took me out to my favorite restaurant in downtown Asheville last night, Cúrate.  It only took 6 weeks prior to get a reservation for 5:30 on a Friday night.  But it was WORTH IT!  And my day was filled with love and well wishes.  Couldn’t have asked for more.

So my last year of my 20’s officially starts.  I don’t feel any different (well, obviously besides the cantaloupe-sized parasite protruding from my body), but mentally I feel a little wiser.  Wiser, not smarter.  Forgetfulness is quickly becoming a habit that I’ll be happy to rid myself of in a few months (hopefully).  I can appreciate my growing crows feet around my eyes as signs of memories filled with laughter, and even though each butt cheek is growing exponentially, it’s  more comfortable to sit down.  30 won’t be so bad, but wow, did my 20’s go by fast.  Let every moment sink it!!

Weeks: 27 (the last week of my 2nd trimester!!!)

Baby size: A Charlotte Royale cake, or in regular people vocabulary not familiar with Parisian bakery items, a bunch of bananas.  The cake sounds better.

Aversions: Same old, same old.  Maybe I’ll never like seafood again.  Sigh.

Cravings: My continued cravings for sugar and milk products is becoming difficult.  Let me just say that trying to avoid the ice cream isle and candy isle is now a mental and physical battle which I usually lose.

Symptoms: Whew, buddy!  It is getting difficult to bend over!  If I drop something on the ground, forget it.  It will stay there until someone else comes by.  This actually comes in really handy when Felix happens to pee or poo on the floor in the middle of the night.  Continued insomnia, cruel beast.  So when school starts and 2pm rolls around…please say a prayer for me.

Weight gain: 0.6 pounds.  It’s creeping on more slowly now–nothing like a few months ago when I was easily putting on a pound or two in a week.

Maternity clothes: Currently waiting for my purchase from last week to be delivered.  Fall needs to get here NOW.  I’m tired of athletic shorts and having to bend over to shave.  Preggo pants, here I come.

Looking forward to: Fall.  Fall.  Fall.  Fall.  Fall.


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