Week 28


Officially in my 3rd trimester as of today and I couldn’t be more excited!  (Sh)It’s getting real now.  And I realized something too.  So for weeks, I thought she was kicking about, but it would be little, weird kicks.  Turns out, she is hiccuping.  And it’s several times a day.  I can’t say that I love the feeling–actually, I don’t like the feeling much at all.  Makes me a wee bit queezy.  BUT, it just means she’s definitely mine.  I get the hiccups quite a bit too, and my mom said I had them a lot while she was pregnant with me.  Someday I’ll look back on my pregnancy with forgetful relish and think about her hiccuping in my belly.  But for now, I’ll go lie down on the couch.

Also, pretty importantly, Taylor graduated from OCS at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC this weekend.  After TWO YEARS of grueling training and leaving, he is done!  His official title (I think) is 2nd Lieutenant Taylor Baldwin and he will be working in engineering and stationed, for the time being, in Asheville.  Thank GOD.  Until next spring when he has to travel to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for FIVE MONTHS for engineering school.  Ugh.  On a positive note, he will be treated like a person officer now and I can contact and visit him. Still, ugh.


Baby size: A couronne bread…or a coconut.

Aversions: Mexican and seafood.

Cravings: I hit a low point.  Yesterday, I was craving an McDonalds Oreo Mcicecreamwhatever so badly I thought I was going to break down and cry until I physically had one in my hand/mouth.  That seems to be the desert of choice right now.  I don’t want Oreos.  I want Oreo ice cream.  Big difference.

Symptoms: Bending over to pick something up, or reaching over to grab something are quickly becoming activities of the past.  If I must get something off of the floor, it will be in squat form, and then I’ll do an extra few squats for good measure.  Insomnia hasn’t been too bad recently, but now I’m waking up to pee about twice a night.  And I can definitely feel when I’ve been kicked in the bladder.  Goodness, that is awful.  Oh!  And my feet have begun to swell if I’ve been sitting too long, standing too long, thinking too long…well, they’ve begun to swell for no reason really.  But it’s just more reason to have Taylor rub them for me :)

Weight gain: 1.2 pounds

Maternity clothes: Pants fit reasonably well.  Will have to send jeans back though–had to wear a belt with them and that’s no fun.

Looking forward to: Still fall.  Pregnant and hot and sweaty do not go together.


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