Week 29


Several low points this week, one of which I’ll discuss below.  The other…I went in for my standard 28 week glucose test.  Which meant I had to have my blood drawn.  Which is a horrible thing for me.  I am terrified of those big needles that draw blood from my body.  It’s not the blood.  It is the act of a metal foreign object piercing my skin in a vein.  And it hurts too.  I’m a weenie–pretty sure I had a traumatic incident when I was about 3 with needles and that has scarred me for life.

So I had my glucose test.  And I failed it.  Which means that I have to go in to the office in the early morning (after several days of carbo loading followed by fasting) and stay for over three hours and have my blood drawn once an hour…three times.  When the nurse called, I wanted to cry.  I could feel the blood rushing into my face, I was so upset.  If there weren’t a baby involved, I would somehow skip that appointment forever and pretend nothing ever happened.  But I guess gestational diabetes is a legit thing, so I need to make sure I don’t have it :(

Weeks: 29

Baby size: A fougasse, similar to focaccia bread, and about the size of a small pizza or pineapple; weighing in close to 3 pounds and stretching 16 inches long!

Aversions: Mexican and seafood.

Cravings: Surprisingly, not much.  Haven’t had intense sugar cravings…or really any cravings recently.  Well, I lied.  I crave sleep, but I mean, who doesn’t?? :)

Symptoms: Constipation finally hit.  I’ve had light constipation before, but nothing like this.  I was on the toilet in agonizing pain for over an hour…and nothing.  Nothing was going down, so something had to give.  I ended up throwing up all over myself while sitting on the toilet.  So there I am, tear-streaked, trying to poop, and covered in vomit (I really tried to make it into the toilet, but projective vomit is hard to control).  Poor Taylor has cleaned up more vomit in the last 7 months than he probably ever has in his life, but he made sure I went to wash off in the shower while he sat there and cleaned it all up.  And he brought prune juice and stool softener from his mom over too.  What a guy.  I did finally end up pooping, hours later, but no more vomiting.  It’s been a rough week.

Weight gain: 0.4 pounds

Maternity clothes: Sent the jeans back to Gap Maternity, and are patiently awaiting some H&M jeans to try on…here’s hoping!  (I really hope these work, because I can wear jeans on Friday at school!)

Looking forward to: The long weekend :)


One thought on “Week 29

  1. Sharon Tjaden-Glass

    Hope the three-hour test goes better! With my first child, I also failed the 1-hour test (by 3 points!) and had to do the 3-hour one. It was no fun. But I didn’t have gestational diabetes. So hoping a better outcome for you on the next one. I’m pregnant with my second and I’ll be having to do this test in a few weeks. Not looking forward to it…


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