Week 30


Weeks: 30…10 weeks to go!!!

Baby size: Brie en Brioche.  I don’t think that’s fair that my pregnancy app tells me my baby is the size of Brie, considering I can’t eat it.  But she is supposedly around 17 inches long and around 3.5 pounds.  Sometimes I doubt that considering I was around that length (or maybe shorter) when I was born, but she’s delivering hammer kicks to my bladder, so who knows.

Aversions: Mexican and seafood.

Cravings: Pop-Tarts.  Cherry Pop-Tarts.

Symptoms: A little insomnia and some headaches this past week, but other than that, it’s been a good week!  Embarrassingly, some gas too.  Now that I teach in a closed room with a door, it has become a lot harder for me.  There is an art to quiet crop dusting, and I plan to master it.

Weight gain: 0.0 pounds from last week.  That’s not exactly honest.  Saturday to Saturday, I somehow gained no weight, but if you went from Saturday to Sunday morning, I gained a pound.  It’s the Pop-Tarts.

Maternity clothes: My jeans purchased from H&M fit!!  Thank all that is good in the world right now.  And they couldn’t have come sooner since crisp weather is right around the corner…not to mention the fact that I can wear jeans with a school shirt on Friday’s.  I will be taking full advantage of this.

Looking forward to: Over Labor Day weekend, Tay and I purchased a new mattress (finally!!).  Ours was ancient and it was so firm.  I’m usually a stomach sleeper, but that ended months ago, and I’ve been forced to sleep on my side.  Back sleeping is a no go–get a crazy sharp pain that runs down my lower back and legs, and since I have broad shoulders, side sleeping isn’t comfortable either.  The new mattress comes with a plush topper and should be arriving Monday or Tuesday!!  Sweet dreams, here I come.


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