Week 31


Weeks: 31

Baby size: Croquembouche.  Otherwise known as a giant pile of pastry balls in a cone shape and held together with caramel.  Seriously, the French know how to do desserts.  Baby B is most likely around 3 pounds right now.

Aversions: Mexican food and seafood.

Cravings: Still anything sweet.  I won’t say no to any dessert.  Nor will I stop eating if something is being put in front of me.

Symptoms: Crazy insomnia.  I am now a walking zombie.  And I bite when I’m angry.  So watch out. No Braxton Hicks.  Heavy breathing, especially when walking up stairs.  My legs kill when I have to walk up stairs.  Ugh..

Weight gain: 2.8 pounds!!  Whoa!  What did I eat this week?!  Obviously a hippo.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new so I’m now in the process of careful recycling of my wardrobe.  So far, no one has judged me out loud.

Looking forward to: Family baby shower next week!!  A whole bunch of my family is coming from all over to celebrate Baby B with me!  I am so excited!!!


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