Week 32



Baby size: Pan d’epi, a bread made for sharing (pssh, or not).

Aversions: Mexican and seafood.

Cravings: The usual.  And then some.

Symptoms: Have had a few cramps this week, along with backache, and of course, gas.  Insomnia has become a daily part of my schedule so nothing new there.  I did call my doctor about the back cramps and she advised me to stay very hydrated and to not worry unless the cramps become very close together or my water breaks or something.  So, I’m going to drink like I live in the Gobi.

Weight gain: Weight lost: 0.8 pounds.  Again, I don’t know what I ate the previous week to gain almost 3 pounds, but I lost almost 1/3 of that this week.  Water weight??  Or maybe salt weight?

Maternity clothes: I refuse to go shopping now.  Just a little longer to hold out.  I think I can make it!  But seriously, my staples are legit staples.  I wear them all the time.

Looking forward to: Counting down until Baby B arrives!!  And another mini baby shower thrown by my mom for next week with my friends!  Can we make this a Halloween baby, please?!


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