Week 33


Weeks: 33

Baby size: Three chocolate croissants to be exact.  Three delicious, chocolate-y croissants.  Oh man.  But I’m eating for two, right?

Aversions: Mexican and seafood.

Cravings: Not much this week.  I’m sick and I don’t want to eat anything.  Boo.

Symptoms: I’ve still had some periodic cramping…haha, periodic.  But I have had this horrible sore throat thing going on for a bit.  It’s awful and I’m miserable.  I thought the baby was supposed to send healthy cells to my body from the placenta if I became sick.  Um, hello baby Baldwin!  Do your job!

Weight gain: 0.6 pounds…of tears and snot.

Maternity clothes: Nothing.  I live in pajamas right now.

Looking forward to: Not being sick.  Besides the first (and a good portion of the second) trimester, I am the most miserable right now.  Completely wallowing in self-pity.  Self-preggo-pity.  There is a reason I’m not looking directly at the camera in the picture above.


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