Week 35


Weeks: 35

Baby size: Two whole clafoutis…which is French for black cherries baked in batter.  You don’t know what that size relates to either?  Well, she’s basically the size of a bunch of carrots.  Personally, I’d rather eat the clafoutis.

Aversions: Fish.  Maybe I will never eat fish again.

Cravings: Nothing this week.  I think my stomach is being smashed up into my lungs right now, so eating, although I am starving all the time, is currently on the back-burner solely due to uncomfortableness.

Symptoms: Well, I cracked a rib yesterday.  I have been coughing for several weeks now thanks to some viral thing going around.  I started experiencing painful bruising on the left side of my ribs a few days ago, but I attributed that to the baby.  Had one big cough and felt a large “pop” and down I went.  OHMYGOSH immediate, radiating pain.

I cannot breathe deeply, much less cough more than a pitiful, little sound, or twist or turn in either direction (I’m just going to say “move” in general without extreme discomfort and pain).  And there really isn’t anything I can do for this because it’s a rib.  I’ve been resting as much as I can, but I have to go back to work tomorrow to teach

Weight gain: 0.0 pounds from last week.  I might have fluctuated a little, but I think I’m evening out.

Maternity clothes: I’m wearing the same clothes in as long of a rotation I can manage without seeming like I’m being gross or lazy.  There is an art to mix and matching, but I’m getting better at it.

Looking forward to: Halloween in just a few weeks!!  I plan to have this baby on that day.  It’s about 2 weeks early, but this is the highest of priorities right now.


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