Week 36


Weeks: 36…NINE MONTHS.  The home stretch.

Baby size: Two plates of beignets.  I’m noticing a trend of two’s here in French food.  Possibly because there is nothing large enough in French food to compare to my American sized baby.

Aversions: Fish.  I ate some Mexican food the other night, but wasn’t very happy about it.

Cravings: Coconut water/milk?  I HATED coconut water before pregnancy.  Tasted like salty water with a hint of yuck.  Now I can’t get enough.  It’s so refreshing and I feel better about myself as a person when I drink it. And Trader Joe’s sells it pretty cheaply, which I bought about a week’s worth.  My electrolyte levels will thank me.

Symptoms: My cracked rib still hurts a bit, but I think it’s healing okay.  Future tip to self: if you get sick during pregnancy, don’t put off going to the doctor.  Your body will start breaking apart in revenge.

Also, I’ve noticed I’m breathing awfully loud.  Like, I was working the other day and noticed that the jet engine sound was coming from me.  I’m sucking in air like nobody’s business right now.  I think nobody has said anything to me because I am nine months pregnant and bloated and hungry…it’s dangerous to tell off a pregnant woman for being annoying.

Don’t trust any fart at this point.  No need for me to elaborate.

Have started actually crying to Boys II Men radio on Pandora.  Why must their beautifully harmonious voices reach my soul so??

I do have to say that I LOVE feeling Baby B moving around like an acrobat in there…even if she’s using my bladder as a trampoline.  I DO NOT, however, enjoy in any sense fetal hiccups.  Evil, evil things.  And she gets them about a trillion times a day.

Weight gain: This section is BS and I’m not writing down my continued weight gain anymore.  I didn’t think it was physically possible for my butt and hips to put on further poundage.  And if there is anything I know well from physics, it’s that gravity affects m(ass), the larger, the more so.

Maternity clothes: Two words: yoga pants.

Looking forward to: HALLOWEEN IS THIS UPCOMING MONDAY!!!  I plan on working out every single day this week to encourage labor on Halloween.  She’ll be 37+ weeks, so I think she’ll be good :)


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