Week 37


Weeks: 37 and can this not be over with now…

Baby size: Not just one delicious madeleines (buttery French cookie)…but A WHOLE TRAY’S WORTH!  Also, had an ultrasound and she’s measuring at about 5 pounds, 8 ounces right now.

Aversions: Everything right now?  I feel nauseated.  Starving, but nauseated.  Like, why do those two seem to go hand in hand?  What did I do to deserve that?!  Really just noticed that I don’t want David Ranch Sunflower Seeds anymore.  Say WHAT?!  I used to sneak bags and eat the whole thing like they were a drug I couldn’t resist.  Unreal.

Cravings: Nothing.  Thank you nausea.  I’m about to reopen my pack of Phenagren…desperate times call for desperate measures.

Symptoms: LOTS of Braxton Hicks.  Tight.  Loose.  Tight.  Loose.

Weight gain: No.  Oh, I’m gaining of course, but I now refuse to record each pound packed on.

Maternity clothes: Can I wear pajamas to work?

Looking forward to: No baby born on Halloween sadly, but the hope is for the first 10 days of November now.  Seriously.  Please come soon.


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