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Week 37


Weeks: 37 and can this not be over with now…

Baby size: Not just one delicious madeleines (buttery French cookie)…but A WHOLE TRAY’S WORTH!  Also, had an ultrasound and she’s measuring at about 5 pounds, 8 ounces right now.

Aversions: Everything right now?  I feel nauseated.  Starving, but nauseated.  Like, why do those two seem to go hand in hand?  What did I do to deserve that?!  Really just noticed that I don’t want David Ranch Sunflower Seeds anymore.  Say WHAT?!  I used to sneak bags and eat the whole thing like they were a drug I couldn’t resist.  Unreal.

Cravings: Nothing.  Thank you nausea.  I’m about to reopen my pack of Phenagren…desperate times call for desperate measures.

Symptoms: LOTS of Braxton Hicks.  Tight.  Loose.  Tight.  Loose.

Weight gain: No.  Oh, I’m gaining of course, but I now refuse to record each pound packed on.

Maternity clothes: Can I wear pajamas to work?

Looking forward to: No baby born on Halloween sadly, but the hope is for the first 10 days of November now.  Seriously.  Please come soon.


A year in review

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s already 2014!  How did this past year go by so quickly!?  I have to say that 2013 has probably been one of my most memorable years to date and I wanted to show some of the highlights in photos.  2013 was brought in with great friends and family, as well as music at the Lexington Avenue Brewery in downtown Asheville.  In March, I was able to travel down to Orlando to see Harry Potter world with my dad and brother…and it was amazing!  I would love to take another trip down once the rest of the park gets finished!  And of course, we got Felix.  She has been the light of our lives and I can’t imagine a day without her!

Felix is always the center of attention and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her or have my phone on hand for a quick picture.  She is my dog child and I love her more than words.  In April I got my second tattoo!  It says “and Love is reflected in love” on the back of my right arm…and after all these months, I still love it!  In June, my mom’s side of the family had a reunion in Charleston, SC.  It was bliss spending time with everybody, relaxing on the beach, playing tennis, shopping downtown…getting our remote control helicopter eaten by an alligator.  I am so, so, so thankful for all of my wonderful family!

In August, we got Crookshanks (the second).  After months of not being able to find original Crookshanks, we wanted to get a playmate for Felix and so adopted C2 at our local shelter.  If I could pick one word to describe him, he would be a lover.  There isn’t a mean bone in his little body and I’m pretty sure his only desire is to be held and kissed…and to lick every open spot of skin he can find.  Felix and Crookshanks get along so well, although Felix is a bit of a bully…but when they think I’m not looking, they curl up together.  In September, Handsome Taylor’s cousin, Jennifer, took my bridal photos and our engagement photos by our house.  You’re amazing Jennifer…and thank you!!!

And of course, in October, we had our wedding, and we couldn’t have picked a better weekend!  All of the leaves were starting to change color and fall creating such a memorable and beautiful experience for us as well as our guests.  We had a wonderful rehearsal dinner at Laurey’s Catering in downtown Asheville.  Our wedding was in Fairview on an old farm and for our reception we had an old bluegrass band and a square dance caller. It was great, but I’ll never square dance in heels again!  More than anything, I am so grateful for my wonderful friends and family for their support and love!  Thank you for everything!

More wedding… :)

And some more wedding…and square dancing :)

December finally came…along with my brothers graduation from UF.  He graduated suma cum laude from the College of Engineering!!!  I am such a proud sister!  I flew down to surprise him for his graduation and we had a great weekend celebrating in Gainesville.  After Christmas, my stepdad, Roger, had his family reunion in Phoenix, AZ.  I’ve never been to the desert before and it was simply spectacular!!!  I’m in love!  Although I could never live in a place where summer doesn’t drop below 100, being there in the winter was great.  We had such a fun time together, relaxing at the pool, hiking, eating, and playing Game of Thrones…well I didn’t play, but those who did put in a lot of hours.  And what a way to bring in the new year than with family!  Thank you for a wonderful year and here’s to 2014!!



July: Humour Review

Dear Reader,

I apologize for the delay in writing my review for last month’s book, but I have to say that I have been shoulder deep in planning for my wedding in October (!!).  What?!  Two months?!  How did that happen so fast and where did all my money go?

Anyway, I got about 3/4 the way through A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson (wedding), and I loved it!  I’m still reading, but at a slower pace than the previous half year.  I found the book extremely relatable, especially since I live in Asheville which is a popular stop for AT through-hikers.  And Bill, the author and hiker, is so funny!  I simply cannot put it any other way.  I could picture myself in his shoes, laughing and cringing, appreciating and begging, praying and cussing…mostly cringing, begging, and cussing.

I knew already about pricing supplies for trips like these since I worked in an outdoor store in Asheville, but my eyes were opened about the planning for months on a trail, where to stop, who to avoid, what to eat (or what to not eat), brief periods of insanity, etc.

I will say that there were bits of historical information that bored me slightly (and I feel bad saying that!).  But overall the book is hysterical and I will finish reading over the next week.  I highly recommend if you’re looking for something light, informational, and of course, laugh out loud funny.  :)


Arrested Development

arrested development

If you haven’t seen Arrested Development, you need to watch it.  I love it.  The characters are funny, witty, and relatable.  It’s the new “Office” for me–yes, The Office had my heart until Season 7 ended and Michael Scott left…although I have heard that some of the shows weren’t too bad and the finale is worth watching.

However, if your TV watching life is missing something sarcastic, awkward yet comedic, and slightly thought provoking, Arrested Development is for you.  The show only lasted three seasons due to poor ratings, which strangely went sky-high the moment it was kicked off cable…but they just released the fourth season online!!  I have so far spent the last week catching up on all three seasons and will spend the next watching the new episodes!

Get it.  Watch it.  Enjoy.  :)

June: Memoir Review

Dear Reader,

I just finished reading Z, a Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.  Well, I didn’t just finish it.  I finished it quite some time ago…and it was FABULOUS!  I really didn’t want something too heavy or serious…or too light either.  was a perfect medium and was just after I watched The Great Gatsby (also fabulous).

I had in my head some ideas on how I envisioned Zelda was in her life, mostly based off of what I’ve read and heard about F. Scott.  In all honesty, my perception of her was not that great; I thought she was an extreme party girl (who of course drinks a lot), wanting riches and fame and who could only bring F. Scott down.  Wow was I wrong!  I know this book is really considered more or less historical fiction, but looking at their lives from her point of view was an eye-opener.

I first met Zelda as a young and beautiful teenager growing up in her wealthy, but conservative and proper home in Alabama.  As the youngest, she probably was able to get by with more than her older siblings…as well as get more.  She was headstrong and when she met F. Scott, he was immediately taken.  Of course, coming from her affluent style of life, she probably expected more than he could give at the time…until he published his first novel.

I had hesitations about her, thinking she was selfishly wanting the money before she fell in love, but who am I kidding?  She could’ve easily married some rich Alabama guy who would’ve given her whatever she wanted.  I do think that she loved him and continued to try to love him, even after all of the “affairs” or whatever he was having with other women as a result of being “an artist” and famous.

I was amazed at their lifestyle, the constant moving, partying, drinking, etc.  How she could go on with her life barely seeing her family at all and continuing to support her husband, who really, let’s face it, was not that great of a guy.  He was not very supportive of her.  He was not supportive of her, her dreams, future, desire to be loved and appreciated.  He was constantly out with friends and lovers, drinking and drinking.  In the end, as you probably already know, she was checking herself into mental hospitals to get therapy while F. Scott was out in Hollywood.

Now, I’m not saying he was the worst husband, or she the best wife, but I do give her a little more credit for being a strong woman after reading the book.  Again, highly recommend–wonderful and interesting read!

Felix fumbles

Felix likes to play and bite.  With everybody.  And everything.  However, she is still a puppy and isn’t the most graceful puppy at that.  I did happen to catch her “playing” with Sweetie Pie, Taylor’s mom’s chihauhua…and being extremely ungraceful, but deliciously cute!  Enjoy!

Almost there :)

Master bedroom looking at closet (left) and french doors to mini-deck
Pop-out office
Lucy, our redbone coonhound smiling on the porch by the kitchen
Looking at bay window in living room and front door
Looking at kitchen and french doors to porch
Master bathroom (tub is going to be under window)
Master bedroom from doorway
Guest bedroom from doorway
Our ridiculously large bonus room…left undone till later…
Living room from front doorway
Kitchen and dining view from living room
Front door from porch…and Lucy’s butt