Week 38


Just had another doctor’s appointment aaaannnnddd she wants to induce me.  I’m not 100% sure why, but something about the baby being small (and of course, me being small) and really already full grown.  I go in to the hospital on November 10th!!!  THERE WILL BE A BABY THIS WEEK!!!!!!!

Weeks: 38

Baby size: I forgot to log what size the baby is this week…but close to baby size I’m guessing??  And now my thoughts are on…how in the world will this baby be able to fit down there!?

Aversions: Again, everything.  Food, people.  Grumpy Randi is taking on a whole new meaning

Cravings: Still anything sweet.  All things sweet.  Sweet, sweet, sweet.  And baby.

Symptoms: I am so tired.  But I know this is nothing to what I will feel in a few weeks when baby B arrives.  And farting.  Sorry, but that is still a thing.  Like, how can a small body produce so much gas?  But surprisingly, no waddling this entire pregnancy.  How, I don’t know, because my hips have widened significantly (hence their own gravitational field).


Weight gain: Sigh.

Maternity clothes: I haven’t purchased anything in weeks, but I have been wearing a few of Taylor’s shirts.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving in a few weeks and of course, baby Baldwin hopefully very, very soon!!


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