I am Randi.  He is Taylor.  We officially started our lives together when I took his last name, Baldwin, in October, 2013.  Previously a microbiologist, I decided to work in education and am currently a science teacher at a local high school.  Tay works in administration in the school system and handles much of the technology curriculum for our local schools.  We live in a cozy little farmhouse of our own design nestled in the mountains of Asheville, NC with our dogs, Felix and Fang, and will be welcoming our daughter this November!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Carol Reece

    Hey Randi! After years of living different lives a song I heard on the radio inspired me to look you up. The internet can be a scary thing considering how easy it was to find you. The song was “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul, a song we jammed out to and dancing around your bedroom when we were in middle school.. yes, middle school. I wanted to say hello and catch up! Congrats on the upcoming wedding :) — Carol Reece

    1. randibaldwin Post author

      Hey Carol! I thought about you too pretty recently and actually looked back in my old yearbooks! I totally remember jamming to Paula Abdul! So glad you found me–I’d love to catch up!


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